Less Pending Cases

The justice system there would be very good

The country where pending cases will be less

वहा की न्याय व्यवस्था काफी...

Posted: 8 April, 2024

Rule of equal and equality

 Where equal (equal rights)

and equality (equal opportunities)

The rules will be strictly followed

Only that country will...

Posted: 5 April, 2024

Listen to your heart

Whenever you start any work, there will be a lot of opposition. Don't do it, don't do it like that, do something else.

When you leave work, the same people will make fun of you...

Posted: 2 April, 2024

You can not loose

you can't lose

Then no one can beat you


आप हार नहीं...

Posted: 2 April, 2024

Find your strengths

There are people to find faults, right?

If you have to step forward then step forward.

There are people to pull back, right?

If you want to dream then look...

Posted: 30 March, 2024

3 Types of people in the world

There are 3 types of people in the world.

1: People who are afraid of rules (90% of people)

2: Those who play by the rules (8% of people)

3: People who play by the...

Posted: 30 March, 2024

Property Rate Increased In Mirjapur

the starting price for properties in Vindhyachal is Rs. 50 per sqft, and the average price is Rs. 5,174 per sqft. The most expensive property listed in Vindhyachal is Rs. 14,354 per...

Posted: 27 March, 2024